Araceli Reoyo Ruiz

Araceli, tell us a little about yourself and your work.

I am a nursing supervisor in the pediatric surgery unit of the La Paz Children’s Hospital in Madrid. I joined the pediatric nursing staff of the La Paz Children’s Hospital right after obtaining my nursing degree in 1977. In 1982, I was appointed nursing supervisor of the pediatric surgery unit, and I have maintained that position ever since. In addition to my daily work, I’ve completed a number of continuous education courses on nursing care management and implementation.

What are the main motivations and goals that guide your work? Which aspects do you enjoy most and which do you find challenging?

My most important motivation is to make sure that children and their families receive the best possible care and treatment from the nursing staff. That is my goal – I want to make the hospital stay as comfortable and comforting as possible for patients and their loved ones. I enjoy my job most when I see that I’ve succeeded and that a child and its family are satisfied. The most difficult moments are when things don’t go as well as I wished.

In your professional opinion, what requirements must the nursing staff fulfil in order to offer patients with congenital heart diseases and their families high-quality assistance?

Nurses and care personnel should keep abreast of the developments in their field by attending congresses, seminars, and continuous education courses. As in all cases involving chronic illnesses, nurses need to be aware that the patients’ families also require a lot of emotional support.

What do you think about the Corience web platform?

As an online service, the Corience website offers fast, continuously updated information. I believe that it serves as a very efficient communications tool.

What do you like to do when you’re not working?

I enjoy reading very much and travelling with my family.