Once a heart patient, always a heart patient

Your heart defect will always be a part of you. Unfortunately, many adults with a congenital heart defect know very little about their condition. If you are one of them, then Corience is a great place to start learning. Here, you can read up on issues relevant to your heart defect and hopefully find answers to most of your questions, such as: Can I have my own children? How should I plan my career? Can I play sport? The more you know about your heart condition, the easier it will be to take responsibility for your health.

Heart matters: love, sex, friendships

Having sex puts a similar strain on the heart as climbing two flights of stairs at a brisk pace. So there’s little need to be anxious or concerned about intercourse if you have a congenital heart defect. There are a few things you should keep in mind, though, when it comes to sex, contraception, and pregnancy.

Body & soul

You probably know what a normal heart looks like and how it works. But what do you know about your own heart? Living with a congenital heart defect can be full of challenges and questions. In this section we provide useful tips about how to make living with a heart defect easier.

Career & lifestyle

Having a congenital heart defect may raise a lot of questions about education and possible career opportunities. What can findings from research tell us? And if you have a congenital heart defect, what are the important factors to consider when choosing a profession?