Local support organisations in Bulgaria

Child's heart Association - Dobrich

Members 43
Main Goals
  • Works to improve quality of life for children with heart diseases and their families
  • Offers, psychological, social and medical support for complete social integration
  • Provides social protection and financial support for children and their families, especially during crisis stages of the disease (patronage, one-time financial grant, legal advices)
  • Provides help in solving medical problems of children
  • Helps children in their professional orientation
  • Encourages partnership between local authorities and enterprises
Contact Mrs. Veselina Stoianova
Child`s heart association - Dobrich
3, Bulgaria Street
P.O.Box 182
9300 Dobrich
E-Mail vstoyanova(at)cci.dobrich.net
Phone +359 5860 1435
Web www.childs-heart.org

Child’s heart Association

Members 100 families
Main Goals
  • Work to improve the quality of life of children with cardiac and other chronic diseases
  • Assure children and their families by providing psychological, social and health support
  • Work to ensure that children with chronic diseases are adequately integrated into society
  • Decrease social isolation of the families with children who have chronic diseases
  • Make their problems and possibilities more widely known
  • Psycho-social counselling—professional psychological, social, medical, law-related and family consultations for chronically ill children and their families
  • Club activities—eg, “Young heart”, which includes young people older than 18 years who underwent heart surgery in childhood.
  • Rehabilitation programmes
  • Seminars about psychosocial problems and integration. Support through the association team to create local services for families with chronically ill children.
Contact Mrs. Mila Markova
Sofia 1609
3 Iakov Kraikov Str.
E-Mail as_childs_heart(at)yahoo.com
Phone + 359 2953 2866
Web www.childsheart.eu