Local support organisations in Italy

Associazione Italiana dei Cardiopatici Congeniti Adulti (AICCA)

Main Goals
  • Develop whatever activity is necessary or desirable to improve the quality of life of adults who are born with congenital heart disease and their families
  • Create a national support network
Contact Edward Callus, Emilia Quadri
Via Pascoli, 37
20097 San Donato Milanese, MI
E-Mail edward.callus(at)gmail.com
Phone +39 02 5277 4677
Web www.aicca.it

Kinderherz / Cuore di bimbo

Members 100
Main Goals
  • Support for families with patients with congenital heart disease
  • Exchange of information
  • Raise public awareness for children with congenital heart disease and chronic illnesses
  • Organise meetings and symposia for Congenital Heart Disease Day on 5th May every year 
  • Assure children and their families with psychological, social and health support
  • Integrate children and adults with congenital heart disease into society
Contact Dr Martina Ladurner
Mitterplars 54
I-39022 Algund
E-Mail info(at)kinderherz.it
Phone +39 3663 6360 30
Web www.kinderherz.it