Local support organisations in France

Association nationale des cardiaques congenitaux (ANCC)

Members 450 families
Main Goals
  • Deliver all necessary (psychological, social, emotional and health) support to children with CHD and their parents
  • Provide counselling to achieve integration at school and at work for CHD children and their families
  • Create a network for CHD children and their families to share their experiences
  • Provide information about civil liberties for disabled people
  • Organise meetings to learn about medical, paramedical and psycho-social issues from cardiologists, gynecologists, surgeons and nurses
  • Raise awareness of CHD and participate in prevention campaigns for cardiovascular disease, the largest cause of death in France
Contact Marie Masseron
Château des Cotes
F - 78350 – Les Loges en Josas
E-Mail masseronmarie(at)orange.fr
Phone +33 1488 7925 7
Web www.ancc.asso.fr