Local support organisations in Spain

AACIC (Catalonia)

Main Goals
  • Improves the quality of life of patients with CHD
  • Provides psychological support in hospitals for pregnant mothers, parents and children with CHD
  • Organises information meetings and workshops for parents, and entertainment activities for children
  • Cooperates with schools in awareness campaign for the mandatory installation of defibrillators in the educative centres
Contact Mrs. Rosa Armengol Aragonès
Plaza Sagrada Familia 5, 2º A
Barcelona 08013
E-Mail info(at)aacic.org
Phone + 39 9345 86653
Web www.aacic.org/

Fundacion Menudos Corazones

Main Goals
  • Inform and help affected families with all their needs (free housing, creation of mutual help groups)
  • Give children and young people with heart diseases the support they need to live normal lives
  • Raise public awareness of congenital heart diseases and the problems they imply
  • Support cardiological research and studies of heart disease
  • Promote the communication between different hospitals involved in the treatment of congenital heart disease
  • Work towards ensuring that the European Charter for Children in Hospital becomes an effective reality
Contact Menudos Corazones Foundation
Mrs. Maria Escudero
19-4° IZDA
28039 Madrid
E-Mail informacion(at)menudoscorazones.org
Phone +34 91 373 6746 or +34 91 386 6122
Web www.menudoscorazones.org