Local support organisations in Czech Republic

Detske srdicko

Members 90
Main Goals
Contact Detske srdicko
Mr. Radek Tupy
Vetrna 288
285 06 Sazava
Czech Republic
E-Mail info(at)detske-srdicko.cz
Web www.detske-srdicko.cz

Srdickari - Czech Association for CoHD children and their parents

Members 20 families
Main Goals
  • Psychological support
  • Raise public awareness of CoHD
  • Social support
  • Meetings for families with CoHD children, including physiotherapy
  • Web forum for children with CoHD
  • Seminars with doctors and other professionals
Contact Srdickari
Mrs. Michaela Bosakova
Za Kovarskym rybnikem 267
149 00 Praha 4
E-Mail info(at)srdickari.cz
Phone +420 603 262 405
Web www.srdickari.cz